Things to do in Troy Hill – Pittsburgh

the famously steep Rialto St., veterans memorial, view of downtown, St. Anthony Chapel, Penn Brewery and Troy Hill houses (all photos by Tracy Certo)

The daunting trip up Rialto Street is worth it — Troy Hill boasts a tight-knit, diverse community, stunning views, a famous church and art house and is just minutes from Downtown.

Stats (via Niche)

  • Population: 2,784
  • Size: 0.46 sq. miles
  • Median Rent: $1,092
  • Median Home Value: $64,952

Don’t Miss

Troy Hill, a neighborhood high on a plateau on the Northside, may be small but it boasts several unique attractions.

The most famous, known throughout the world, is Saint Anthony Chapel. The beautiful European-style chapel, dedicated in 1883, is home to 5,000 relics of the Catholic faith—the largest collection in the world outside of the Vatican. People come from near and far for tours.

Troy Hill is also home to one of  Pittsburgh’s quirkiest attractions, La Hütte Royal. It looks like a run-of-the-mill Pittsburgh home from the outside. But inside is an immersive, grotesque wonderland of art, sculpture and bizarre found objects. La Hütte Royal, an installation by German artist Thorsten Brinkmann, is available to tour by making an appointment here.

For a festive atmosphere and tasty beers, head to Penn Brewery. One of Pittsburgh’s oldest and largest craft breweries, Penn Brewery serves up classic Pittsburgh food alongside their German-style lagers–all this in a very cool and historic space.

Though it’s not technically in Troy Hill, Wigle Whiskey’s Barrelhouse and Whiskey Garden sits right at the neighborhood’s border. The satellite location of the Strip District distillery offers tours, cocktails and tons of events in the warm weather.

Spaces Corners is the only place of its kind in Pittsburgh and it’s a gem. Described as “an artist-run bookshop, gallery, and project space dedicated to contemporary photography,” Spaces Corners is open by appointment and for special events only.

Troy Hill’s food scene is also small but mighty. Pear and the Pickle was designed as an old-fashioned neighborhood corner market with a coffee bar (featuring Stumptown coffee), prepared foods and Saturday suppers. Scratch Food & Beverage, which opened in the former Billy’s, is a very attractive and convivial spot featuring delicious comfort food,  craft cocktails and big windows that open to the street. It’s worth the trip up the hill.

Looking to bike? If you can brave the steep descent down Rialto Street, Troy Hill is just minutes from the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, which provides easy access to the North Shore, Downtown and beyond. Some choose to walk down as you can see from the photo below. And speaking of biking Rialto Street: the hill is included in the Dirty Dozen, the annual bike ride that challenges cyclists to tackle twelve of Pittsburgh’s steepest inclines.

Steep inclines mean great views and Troy Hill boasts many–of downtown, the North Side, and the Allegheny River and beyond. Check out the many houses strewn across the hill and the decks and terraces poised for perfect viewing.  This diverse community is small but tight with a mix of old (mostly) and young (increasingly).

Fast Facts

Rialto Street is sometimes referred to as “Pig Hill” or “Pig’s Hill.” The nickname comes from the days when the street was used to drive pigs up from Washington’s Landing rail stations to slaughterhouses in Spring Garden.

Troy Hill is a historically German neighborhood, settled by German immigrants who worked in the mills and factories along the Allegheny River. Though the neighborhood is now home to a diverse and vibrant population, a stroll through Troy Hill is still reminiscent of a trip to a tiny European village.

Though no ketchup is made there anymore, the historic Heinz factory is still an iconic part of the Troy Hill cityscape. Some of the buildings are now home to luxury lofts.

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