Things to do in Mt. Lebanon


  • 32,963
  • 18 to 24: 6%
  • 25 to 34: 9%
  • 35 to 54: 30%
  • 55 to 64: 13%
  • 65+: 19%
  • White 93.32%
  • Asian 2.52%
  • Hispanic 1.79%
  • African American 1.18%
  • Other 1.15%
  • Less than a high school diploma: 2%
  • High school diploma or equivalent: 15%
  • Some college or associate degree: 19%
  • Bachelor’s degree: 35%
  • Master’s degree or higher: 28%
  • Nichelogo
  • Rent: 25.2%
  • Own: 74.8%
  • Median Home Construction Year: 1950
  • Median Rent: $773
  • Median Home Value: $195,100

Barely seven miles south of downtown, Mt. Lebanon is a first-ring suburb of Pittsburgh with plenty of attitude to boot. Just ask any of the 33,000 people living here and they’ll tell you all about it.

Envied by many and misunderstood by a few, Lebo seems to have it all as a community in a compact six square miles. Blue Ribbon public schools with seven elementary schools—all walkable—are a particular point of pride. The high school just completed a major renovation to the tune of $113 million, with a new swimming pool and gymnasium.

Lebo, as many fondly call it, exudes a rare blend of sophistication and small town charm, especially in the eclectic architectural mix of its neighborhoods. American Craftsman homes share driveways with stone colonials; Prairie and English Tudor styles stand side-by-side. There are plenty of apartments, condos and senior living, too, throughout the rolling hills.

It’s often said that more architects live here than in any other community in Pittsburgh.

For walkers (and runners), sidewalks connect to main thoroughfares and one of three business districts, including Washington Road and “Uptown,” home to great pancakes (Pamela’s), sushi (Little Tokyo), Napolit-style wood-fire pizza (Il Pizzaiola) and the cozy Wine Bar and the recently opened authentic Mexican restaurant called Totopo. There’s an intimate Thai restaurant along with several great coffee shops on the main street and Coffee Tree Roasters on Beverly Rd. That location also boasts cafe io, a gem of a neighborhood restaurant, Bado’s Pizzeria and coming soon, Block 262.

If that isn’t enough, the community also boasts beautiful clay tennis courts, an ice rink, a public pool, a nine-hole golf course (deemed a National Historic Landmark), the recently expanded St. Clair Hospital and an uptown hotel.

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