Things to do in Downtown Pittsburgh

Downtown photos by Brian Cohen

Stats (from Niche)

  • Population: 4,823
  • Size: 0.64 sq. miles
  • Median Rent: $1,530
  • Median Home Value: $290,559

Downtown Pittsburgh is a draw for residents and visitors alike. From the Pittsburgh Cultural District and its many theaters, restaurants and nightspots, to Market Square with its European piazza flair, there is a spot for everyone and every occasion. (Not to mention, it has some of the best food in the city!)

Throughout the day, Pittsburgh goes to work and corporate traffic is buzzing about town. But downtown isn’t just for working – it’s for playing, catching up and exploring. In the warmer months, the city’s green spaces and common areas are granted a new life. Market Square offers a charming and lively meeting spot and is home to a weekly Farmer’s Market and even more summertime events.

As for recreation? Plentiful. The three rivers are perfect for kayaking, boating and even sailing, and miles of riverfront trails make for great walks and scenic biking. Point State Park, with its glorious refurbished fountain, offers more green space for tossing a frisbee, walking a dog or enjoying one of the many concerts or festivals held on its grounds.

To explore beyond downtown, cross a bridge and you’re on the North Side or the South Side or walk a mile or two and find yourself in the Strip District. Or simply gaze across the Allegheny River for a wonderful view of the bluff and Mt. Washington perched on the top.

If you’re itching to travel outside the walkable neighborhoods from the Golden Triangle, you’re in luck. Downtown is the hub of the transit system, so bus service and T-stations can carry you all the way to the outskirts.

Beyond working hard and playing hard, the city is for studying hard too. In downtown, you can spot students from Point Park University, Urban Pathways Charter School, City Charter High School and Pittsburgh CAPA.

It all adds up to a very vibrant and livable Downtown – the very pulse that rules Pittsburgh.

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