Things to do in Dormont

Potomac Avenue shopping district, Dormont Park and Dormont Pool (all photos by Ed Massery)

With a name that means “mountain of gold,” the walkable, well-situated neighborhood of Dormont is a tiny treasure.

Stats (via Niche)

  • Size: 7 sq. mi.
  • Population: 8,491
  • Median Rent: $802
  • Median Home Value: $121,000

Don’t Miss

If you’ve only eaten one place in Dormont, chances are it’s the Dor-Stop. The tiny diner has been a Pittsburgh favorite for decades, serving up classic breakfast and lunch fare in a homey, friendly setting.

For a tiny neighborhood, Dormont boasts a remarkable culinary diversity. Grab Thai food at Thai Spoon and My Thai, Chinese at Amazing Wok and Mekong, or hearty sandwiches at Parker’s and Fredo’s Deli.

Dormont has more than its share of nightlife as well. Catch a band at R Bar, shoot some pool at Breaker’s or grab a beer and a burger at Jamison’s. Or bowl a few rounds at Hollywood Lanes, a BYOB bowling alley and music venue that’s been a neighborhood fixture since 1926.

The Dormont Pool is perhaps the neighborhood’s best-known and best-loved attraction. Built in 1920 and declared a historic landmark in 2002, the 60,000 square-foot pool is one of the largest in the state, complete with waterslides, ample lawn space and a snack stand.

Surrounding the pool is Dormont Park, a 23.5-acre park with athletic fields, a walking trail and a wooden castle playground.

One of the best movie-going experiences anywhere can be found at the Hollywood Theater. This nonprofit theater, which dates back to the 1920s, is worlds away from a typical chain multiplex. The Hollywood Theater shows an eclectic mix of independent and classic films, and hosts a quirky array of events, including regular midnight showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Dormont must be awfully well read. From Rickert & Beagle (a bookstore specializing in the rare and the weird) to Beyond Bedtime Books (a cozy used bookstore) to Moonstones (which sells a wide range of New Age books and merchandise), Dormont is the place to go if you’re looking for something new to read.

Every Fourth of July, the neighborhood holds Dormont Day. The popular festival features food, live music, games and an impressive fireworks display.

Fast Facts

Dormont’s name comes from the French phrase mont d’or, which means “mountain of gold.”

Until 1768, the land that eventually became Dormont was held by the Delaware and Shawnee tribes.

Mr. Rogers once filmed an episode at Hollywood Lanes— they proudly display the bowling ball he used in it.

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