Things to Do in Bellevue – Pittsburgh

Live. Worship. Shop. Those three words ordain the retro sign leading from Route 65 to Bellevue, the first suburb west of downtown which was named for its beautiful view of the river. Once a wealthy area in the 1930s where doctors and lawyers inhabited Victorian and Craftsman-style homes (with mansions to prove it), it is now mostly a working-class neighborhood with a population of 8,350.

This walking community is known for its good public transportation; hence, the saying that ‘you could drive anywhere in Pittsburgh and get there in 20 minutes from Bellevue.’

The main street, Lincoln Avenue, is home to dozens of businesses such as the famous Lincoln BakeryMuddy Cup Coffee House, and Around the Bend Books—an independent bookstore/café. Newer businesses like Keystone Gallery Tattoo, frozen yogurt shop, Berry Quool,  and  Thai Tamarind (formerly Thai Suan Thip) add to the liveliness of the business district.

The town has an old charm to it, which continues to attract homebuyers, who can find a gem at an affordable price. While some older homes were leveled in the 1970s, others were divided into apartments, with original woodwork and fireplaces still intact.

Even  the Andrew Bayne Memorial Library is housed in an old Victorian home, built in 1875 by a prominent architect of Allegheny County, James Madison Balph.

The view of the beautiful river may be different now, but advantages like the community’s one-percent wage tax and affordable living and a main street community make Bellevue a notable and much-loved neighborhood.

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