Dee Schlotter

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"No other company predicts and tracks consumer insights with the science that PPG’s global color experts follow, and manufactures the coatings that are on so many surfaces consumers interact with every day. I’m proud to work with so many talented people."
Kenny Chen

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Take an inspiring ride with Ascender Program Director Kenny Chen to discover innovative projects taking place across Pittsburgh.
Christopher Hahn

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What is it like to run an opera company? It's a big week for Christopher Hahn, as Pittsburgh Opera becomes only the second place in the U.S. to produce Handel’s Richard the Lionheart. Catch up with Hahn, who has an ear for finding young talent and is a sought-after juror at international vocal competitions.
Sara Innamorato

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Native Pittsburgher Sara Innamorato is passionate about building bridges across different sectors that inspire conversation and action. Get to know her this week in NEXT Up—or over a cup of coffee soon.
Kelly Miller

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Start off the New Year with Kelly Miller (and her adorable bulldogs)—owner of Pennsylvania’s first infrared sauna—who shares her secrets for detoxing and eating healthy, along with her fave spots for decadent brunch and fresh pizza in the Burgh.
Tony Bellino

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Start the New Year off with Tony Bellino, COO of the new Pittsburgh-based investment bank, Capital Foundry LLC, as he makes deals, shares his picks for great Thai and vegan food, and indulges in his favorite video games.

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Looking for creative ideas for brunch, cocktails, shopping, shows, dinner and more this holiday season? Check out the many local hotspots frequented by our recent NEXT Up contributors.
Larry Gioia

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"In my travels, I always get excited when someone asks me where I am from. What's even better is when they begin to reference all the great things about our city, even though they've never visited. Pittsburgh is changing and it's up to each and every one of us to keep it that way."