Sirena Taco Joint breaking ground; Ivy Pittsburgh opens; Eddie Merlot's coming soon
McKees Rocks photo by Rob Larson

Remaking McKees Rocks

Taris Vrcek returned from New York City to McKees Rocks to follow family tradition and help build the community that is in great need of change.
Carrie Furnace. Photo by Dave Hammaker

The Carrie Furnace is a star

The Carrie Furnace, an icon of industrial rust, is becoming a star in movies and on TV and is experiencing a cultural renaissance as a result.
Demeatria portrait by Richard Kelly

The Dynamic Demeatria

Demeatria Boccella's evolution from self-doubting child to a foremost fashion force in Pittsburgh is one for the history books.
Ron Donoughe photo by Brian Cohen

Painting 90 Pittsburgh neighborhoods, A to Z

Ron Donoughe's latest project is a visual love letter to his hometown. He's painting each of the 90 neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, working on them in alphabetical order and displaying each on his blog. A formal exhibition is in the planning.
Melissa Regent Square

Why I live in Regent Square

Take a lively tour of Regent Square as seen through the eyes of a loyal resident, Melissa. From Square Cafe to Frick Park, she'll show you her favorite spots.